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45, . Yet the subject is undeniably important to many blackpowder shooters. I easily found 50 Cal balls with a . 54, which remains second only to the . 45 caliber; a 7/16" with . 015 patch but is more accurate vs a . 62, . best accuracy.

54 caliber round ball rifles, another for . 58 caliber. 50 caliber muzzleloader for more down range energy than a round ball, he can also down load to a lighter . The 100-gr. i roll the plastic down around the ball. 50 Caliber side lock muzzle loader a traditional load would be a 370 grain maxi ball with 80 grains of FFG black or pyrodex powder. Loads - When poor muzzleloader accuracy is due to your load, it can most often be blamed on a magnum (150 grain) powder charge.

bullet with about 1,250 foot pounds of energy. 58 cal Hawken, I have a 36" Green Mountain octagonal barrel with 1:70" twist. 58 patches and speer/hornady . But they are softer than blued steel and require gentle handling. Black Powder comes in various grain sizes designated Fg, FFg, FFFg and FFFFg. Loose powder, pyrodex will ignite better in this type of system as opposed to pellets. No animal will go very far after taking a round ball through the lungs.

010 patches etc but seem to always go back to the . 172” Diameter. 3 Comments A young and enthusiastic Italian shooter was so kind to share with us his expereinces with his first ever muzzleloading gun: a Pedersoli Gibbs . 69) 4,54 70 6,48 100 17,14 The Speer 180 grain round nose bullet is an outstanding performer at close to moderate ranges. This distance on small, moving targets is where I put the limit on any gun with open sights. Sabots are also very forgiving for some twist ratios and gun designs. 50-caliber Muzzleloader and other Black Powder, Hunting, Whitetail Hunting tips at SportmanGuide.

Back to top The round ball loads mentioned above should drop about 30 The best was with STEEL powder with the SG28II wad. Press the patched ball into the barrel using the short end of the bullet starter. 530 RB. 54 cal. Just place the sprue at the top as you load the ball. of GOEX to use in my new to me . These round balls are cold swaged from pure lead which eliminates air pockets and voids common to cast balls.

300 Winchester Short Magnum (WSM) Load Data. Lastly, I will make custom cannon molds on an individual basis. Back to top The round ball loads mentioned above should drop about 30 The underhammers are neat and they are fast being almost like a inline. 010 patch. 690 Because I cut them on the latest CNC machinery, I can make them any diameter you desire. A conical would be quite a bit heavier and be harder on your shoulder. 22 rimfire magnum is a .

Military's M118 special ball long range sniper round. I shot mine with many different loads and the most accurate load I developed was 80 grains of FFG Black Powder and a 385 grain Horndy Great Plain's bullet which comes pre lubed. If you're looking for shooting supplies, black powder ammunition, Swiss & Goex black powder, cowboy action shooting supplies, reloading dies, Uberti rifles, Thumlers tumblers, stainless steel media, Kowa scopes, Schuetzen black powder or a new bullet mould Super Great Black Powder/Muzzleloader Bullets, Muzzleloader Parts, Muzzleloader Supplies and Great Deals A great fair priced place to stock up on all your muzzleloader bullets, accessories and specialty products from Precision Rifle, Barnes, Thompson Center, Hornady, Knight, CVA, Caldwell, Remington 700 ML and Ruger 77/50. Loads shown below are from Lyman's "Black Powder Handbook" by Kenneth Ramage, editor. As a rule of thumb east of the muddy . Today's market provides rifles in both fast and slow twists and calibers ranging from . Other pwders used were PB, LS, Goex FFFG blackpowder.

The . new to the flintlock need powder info Discussion in 'Black Max load for . Load the gun. 535 may be a froghair more accurate,but a real pill to load(pun intended). 45 ACP. The above load shot a sub 2" group at 38yds with a . The barrel is 39 inches long.

50 fairly practical for small game hunting. 357. If you are shooting a T/C (you said a knight) I would stay away from the Powerbelts and the maxi-ball/hunter (not sure how these shoot in a knight) I have used three different T/c's and I can not get any of them to group how I like. Muzzleloading Team. A comprehensive collection of interactive, online ballistics calculators! Exterior Ballistics, Recoil Calculator, Wound Channel Calculator, Stopping Power Calculators (mutiple), Round Ball Weight Calculator, Powder Calculators, and more! A one-stop resource for your technical ballistic data needs. 54 than a . It depends on your bore diameter,and your patch thickness.

maxi hunter's, and sabots with 300 gr. Light Muzzleloader Loads For patch and round ball, a lot of ole timers used to tell me that for a patch and round ball all you really need was just enough powder to cover the ball in the palm of your hand. * The M die or neck expander die works well in seating both wads and round balls in assembling the loads. The smooth round surface allows for better rotation and improved accuracy. S. 45 caliber and a . Muzzleloader Round Balls and Bullets.

Company. 680 . Muzzleloading Rifle & Pistol - Wool Wads improve the accuracy and standard deviation on most black powder rifles when used under a patched round ball, but show the most definitive improvements when used under Sabots and Maxi-Balls, Maxi Hunter, Great Plains, etc. 54. Energy is generated by velocity (more powder) or bigger ball. 685 . Developing load for .

54 caliber is an excellent choice for a hunter who uses a patched round ball load. Round balls kill all out of proportion to the ballistics that show up on paper. 69 is big for Africa or coastal brown bears. ) Load, following directions on charge, with sprue mark centered down or up, and when ramming home it SHOULD cut a small ring off of the ball; top with lubricant to prevent a "chain fire" accident. PS: I don't like the looks of the load data for the . 50, . ball, the tighter the fit in the barrel the higher the muzzle velocity.

54 cal come quanity A patched round ball is best suited for these rifles. Using charge tubes allows you to fine tune your load to what performs best with your rifle, bullet/sabot combination. In other words an equal amount of powder especially for target shooting. In talking with the guy he said his best load was with 65 gr of 3F using a . Place the lead round ball on the center of the patch and push slightly until flush with the muzzle of the gun. They feature an innovative, three diameter bearing surface that makes them easy to load, yet assures a good tight fit in the bore. round ball.

The shot went directly through the animal at 70 feet. There is a big advantage with a bullet when shooting big game size animals over 50 yards. 54 cal muzzleloaders from their catalog. Caliber . 22 Caliber An inexpensive garden or gallery load that is actually about as powerful (and every bit as dangerous) as the . Not enough experience there to make final decisions, although I'd be willing to try it at 100 yards. If I were you, I would back down "at least" 10 grains.

535. Of the larger bore round ball rifles suitable for taking big game, more have probably been sold in this caliber than any other. A 48 twist is compromise. Hornady XTP's? I have never used a . 50 and . 308 caliber performance. For most purposes there is no need to shoot maximum loads, best accuracy is achieved with loads considerably below maximum.

54 may be the best all round round ball rifle in terms of shoot-ability and limited recoil. 50 caliber and a ½" starter with . I shoot ball only with real blk. Hunting load for Lyman Great Just as a shooter can place a heavy . 56 NATO ammunition, 55-grain FMJ rounds are popular options. IMO. Read the manual and be sure you have the correct ball size, (they DO vary, depending on model, from .

44, . An excellent starting charge would be 30 grains of FFFg. Black Powder is measured by VOLUMN and not weight, but it is close (1%-2% difference) with Goex powder. A 250 to 300 grain jacketed hollow point . 36 caliber; a 3/8" starter with . Remember your patch must be The underhammers are neat and they are fast being almost like a inline. I am getting verey antsy to fire this gun.

520" 54 Caliber Hornady Swaged Lead Round Balls Box of 100 . For example, a 5/16" starter should be used with . Penetration is generally very good for a non-premium bullet, making the Hotcor an excellent choice for bush/woods hunting. Pour a pre-measured amount of black powder down the bore, take the greased patch and center over the muzzle. A “Best Load” is an entirely subjective matter. 5 Fg or It is safer to begin FFFg loads at 1 grain per point of caliber. While round balls may be fine for whitetail hunting, I wouldn’t shoot them at elk.

I recently used a 325 gr JHP Speer and sabot out of a . 54 caliber patched round ball muzzleloading rifles, loads and ballistics produced by a variety of barrel lengths, from 24 inches to 38 inches. Speer Muzzleloading Bullets are swaged from pure lead and are exceptionally uniform without air pockets or voids. If you're looking for shooting supplies, black powder ammunition, Swiss & Goex black powder, cowboy action shooting supplies, reloading dies, Uberti rifles, Thumlers tumblers, stainless steel media, Kowa scopes, Schuetzen black powder or a new bullet mould Cap & ball revolver, NO patch. However it is almost impossible to find now days. 5 mm Creedmoor and use Hodgdon H4350. This bullet is best suited to game weighing over 90kg (200lb) and up to 320kg (700lb) but does perform well on lighter body weights.

it is 200-320 grains as opposed to 127 grains on the round ball. 32, . 45 cal Pedersoli Gibbs rifle February 26, 2015 Black Powder No. 54 caliber is 120 grs. 54, . 32 caliber squirrel rifle, and are usiing FFFg powder. 204 Ruger.

Never used the fake stuff but living on Kodiak is likely going to force me into it sooner or later. These usually work okay with round balls and moderate loads, or with very short conicals. Muzzle Loading Rifles Powder Charge Selection their original weight round ball or conical shape bullets. On another page, to be published soon, we give the loads and ballistics data for . Great Plains bullets are made especially for hunting. The edge of a . Also IF you can get a good 54 cal minnie ball mold (hollow base conical) then you can work up a good load that will do * For me, round ball loads tend to shoot higher than point of aim in a revolver and lower than point of aim from a rifle.

Read The Best Loads For Your . My 1:48 twist . 50 in sales. 36, . Hornady Lead Round Ball . I will assume round balls. Cold swaging from pure lead eliminates air pockets and voids common to cast balls.

I Roll Crimp but do not use a top card. Here is some useful information that should help you begin the process of finding the right load for your pistol. Get the latest information about new products, special deals, news, top-rated items, promotions and more! cariche polvere nera suggerite - suggested black powder loads charges a poudre noire conseillees - empfohlene schwarzpulverladung (. 45 pistol, . Hornady Lock-N-Load Power Case Prep Center; Lead round balls for black powder muzzleloaders. 223 Rem/5. Personally, I like the 30-inch barrel (28 1/2 inch working bore), and especially the way this rifle shoots.

You have a 54 caliber Hawken rifle, and are using FFg powder. For . In a quality muzzleloader, with a properly seasoned barrel, a patched ball loads easier and shoots true. In 1926 the . Loaded with 45 and 50 grains it starts to approach the power of a light-end . difference between a . Now let’s consider ball and patch size.

38 special. The overall length is 54+ inches with a 13+-inch pull and 3+-inch drop at the heel. You can count on Hornady Round Balls to be completely uniform in size, weight and roundness. Round balls, hand Sportsman's Guide has your Thompson / Center . Use a modest load, a 60 grain Service load in . projectiles easy to load while flying true to the target every time. .

5 thousandths deep, which is quite shallow when compared to White’s Green River round ball barrels with rifling 12 thousanths deep. 69, . 30 ball 150 grain load was replaced by a high BC 174 grain boat tail bullet. Looking at maybe getting a Lyman Deerstalker for Pa's flintlock season. I'm sure he meant a . 69) 4,54 70 6,48 100 17,14 At the Lunenburg gun show I picked up an old Traditions 50 cal Shenandoah flintlock for pretty much dirt cheap money. .

* Bumping a round ball to the proper diameter is the only way to get any accuracy from them. 50 calibers with a 1:70 twist. As a defensive weapon, the fowler could be easily and quickly loaded. Looking for opinion on best maxi ball bullet weight for a 50 cal Renegade. But you go to 100 yards the 180 gr. The best was with STEEL powder with the SG28II wad. Having ZERO experience with shooting Round Ball, Is one of these more accurate than the other? I was invited to attend a competition type shoot this Spring/summer that is Round Ball only, I have 3 different Stock 1:48 Twist TC barrels in .

45 or a . Remember your patch must be No animal will go very far after taking a round ball through the lungs. I knew an elk hunter who shot a bull five times in the ribcage with round balls before it finally died—after many miles of tracking. 490 diameter. I favor something a little hotter like 110 grains of FFG black. It’s about caliber . 75 and 8 bore.

The real rub comes when you start shooting patched balls. 36 caliber with a 1:48 twist and in . 54 is the superior round ball hunter. A good starting charge would be 75 grains of FFg. My current . 54 ball is plenty for elk,moose,most bear. Pyrodex) out of a borrowed Renegade.

And the smoother, rounder surface of a Hornady round ball assures better rotation for consistent accuracy. That was quite a few years ago, about 1990. 36 to . His Sambar was a good bit larger and his shot went through behind right sholder and exited through last ribs on left. There are currently no plans to offer Blackhorn 209 in pellet form. 32 and . 50-caliber round ball weighs 150 grains, while a typical buffalo bullet or Minie-type slug weighs 350-380 grains.

I'm considering getting a lever action but want to know what round is going to give me the most bang for the buck. 223 and . Here are a couple of examples: You have a . 17 Rem. com’s Guide Outdoors. 45 bullet in a . 45 bullet in a snug sabot is plenty for deer.

54 caliber. I did convert the rifle to use musket caps (larger nipple). 58 ball over a . It will shoot About us. Due to easier loading and ease of use for hunting, I played with . 20 Caliber. I've personally seen a ram rod in the hand.

1. 54 round balls and about the charges I have seen recommended here. 58 thru . Along with weapons research, ammunition design was also under review. 570" ball into your . The British adopted . Selected as the powder for U.

Here you'll find reasonable item details. 570 round balls with 120 grains of Goex FFg for about 1. 535 w/. Check your bore diameter, and figure from there,or buy a few balls of each size,and see what loads/shoots the best for you. 45 long range rifle. 50 The . 309” or .

490 50 cal ball and a lubed . I have a 9 point whitetail on the wall that was taken with a TC Renegade, 54 caliber, using that load. 44 caliber bullet and less powder charge to make a . 015" patch, G-O powder, lube=Crisco Use between 25 and 50 Grains of FFFg for velocities between 1300 fps and over 1900 fps respectively. 530 will load easier,and the . The best all-around medium speed rifle powder providing excellent . 54 or .

One more selection for your online shopping. Hornady makes a line of quality muzzleloader round balls. 50 ball on game animals has to be seen to be believed. These round balls are cold swaged from pure lead and are exceptionally uniform with no air pockets or voids. I also use round, pillow ticking patches and Bore Butter in the tube for what it is worthworks great. I know there's a few guys shooting these things and would like to hear what the best load to start with would be. This 'ballistics calculator' is a computer simulation which analyzes the behavior of a round ball in its flight from the muzzle to the target.

About us; Back ground; Mission; Job offers; Survey; Indirizzo PEC pedersolidavidesnc@pec. powder and don,t like modern inlines and scopes or fake blk. I will most likely be using prb's or maxi balls with real BP. Charge tubes specifically designed for Blackhorn are available that can be pre-loaded by the user and are more convenient than using pellets. 50 caliber, very popular among competitors, but rarely used for hunting due to regulations requiring a round-ball of . Take it from the world’s best shooters, like the U. Business Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 am - 4:30 pm Pacific Time Orders may be placed online 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Never having seen your rifle,I would guess that . 50 TC Renegade . Not only are they some of the least expensive muzzleloader bullets out there, but they are also available in a wide variety of sizes, which makes them a great choice for hunters looking for . 45 and . Bullets, Balls and Slugs. 58, . Pietta Black Powder Pistol Loads "What's load does Pietta recommend for my black powder pistol?" This is one of the most commonly asked questions by black powder revolver owners.

Remember your patch must be My Colrain barrel is tuff to load with a . 311” 45-grain round ball loaded with 3 or 4-grains of Red Dot, Unique, or equivalent, with the ball pushed in just past its half-way point so it won’t come back out easily. The major downfall of both the LMG and HMG, were that for the most part, these weapons were best employed from a static position. Since that's the max load in TC's manual, I decided to stop there in spite of improving accuracy. I am new to Lyman being T/C has dropped all the . 54 I like the Maxis since they load easier but will use round ball if I must. 59.

Writing a piece that may end for the reader in a few sentences is not good journalism, but this month’s epistle could self-destruct in the first paragraph. 38-50 ball and west 54-62 ball. You most likely have a nipple that accepts #11 caps. 670 . Try smaller balls with thicker patches. Hornady Black Powder Muzzleloading projectiles are ideal for either a day at the range or a day in the field with your favorite muzzleloader. Recently I shot a cow elk with a 320 grain maxi-ball (100 gr.

The maxis I can have 6 in groups at 100 yds but the Powerbelts are all over the paper. For your round ball needs these 100% lead casted round balls come in . 54 to take a nice bull at about 150 yards. I've used up to 140 grains of 2f black, but beyond this, the accuracy falls off pretty fast. Becoming Graf & Sons. 50 is marginal with round ball even. Homemade Ball Patch Obtaining round ball patches for a .

is 850 foot pounds at 50 yards using a 230-gr. 535 hand cast. 570" round ball with a . The 1-60 twist a a gpood round ball twist, 1-66 or 1-70 is better but 1-60 is still excellent RB twist. Loaded with 35 to 40 grains it rivals the modern 9mm and . That was long before the current craze of smoothbore shooting had come about, and getting information about round ball loads for one was essentially impossible. The type A bearing is a conventional design.

A slower twist (1:66 or thereabouts) is usually best for round balls. Simply put, it is the modern in-line rifles (and loads) that attract new participants to muzzleloader hunting, and very few of them are making the cross over to tradtional rifles. 10 Pointer Thanks for the welcome and info. Continue to slide the ball or bullet down the barrel with the long side of the bullet starter. TC Renegade . 17 Caliber. Conical bullets are best suited for rifle barrels with a fast twist which ranges from one turn in 32 to 48 inches of barrel length.

Both went right down. One method is to load the gun in the same manner as loading a shotgun, substituting the round ball in place of the shot. Several side hammer round ball guns are available in . 72, . can i safely shot triple seven power(not pellets) in the rifle and what max do you think i should stop at. 54 ML accuracy? I will try these loads and see which one my ML likes best. Some rifles come with a compromise twist of 1:48.

When it comes to . Thompson Center recommendation in their FAQ: ~~"What is the best load for your traditional with a 1in48 twist? In a . 32 caliber squirrel rifle is a problem here in the backwoods. I prefer to have a round with some recoil. I am looking for a best replacement powder. In a 54 caliber rifle, sixty grains of FFFg creates the same Speer offers a variety of lead balls for the traditional round ball shooting enthusiast. Loaded with a light 28 grain load and a round ball, it rivals a modern .

Stock up your favorite black powder supplies like round balls with the wide selection of items we have here at CheaperThanDirt. Theory on Accurate Ball Shooting. It is safer to begin FFFg loads at 1 grain per point of caliber. I was wandering if anyone has one in . 54 cal come quanity More energy and far greater accuracy than round balls. A round ball barrel should be 125% of the caliber, so a 50 should be about a 62 twist. A page devoted entirely to traditionally styled .

powder. $17. The smallest caliber gun tested was . Cap & ball revolver, NO patch. 54 caliber round ball is something to think about when going after big game. The more F’s the finer, smaller the grain size and the faster the powder will burn and the higher pressure it generates in your barrel. My hunting pardner used the same gun and load.

A faster twist (like my rifle's 1:32) is usually best for conicals. The best load for it is a . More than anything, it is the lackluster performance of patched round ball loads that make the majority of older guns unappealing to the modern muzzleloader hunter. 530 ball. 530" Lead Round Balls #6100 (100/box) The near perfect consistency and concentricity makes Hornady Round Balls accurate in the field. Created with the same exacting precision as our cold swaged Round Balls, we designed a special plastic patch that makes these 50 cal. 54 caliber because the max loads for both round balls and maxi-balls are the same.

Alloy Hardened with Antimony. It contains much more information needed by black powder shooters. When loading in this manner push the cushion wad slightly below the muzzle and place the ball sprue down and centered on the wad. i have a 50cal thompson hawken in mint shape and with a 1-48 twist,so i will be shooting sabots with 200-240 bullets or the 245gr aerotip powerbelt bullet. I have the a New Englander and yes it does have a 1 in 48 twist in the barrel so concials are yer best bet. 50 cal hereafter some load testing, I found 70 grains of Pyrodex RS with a patched round ball to be optimal. My question though is with the patches.

I'd like to start with a patch and round ball. I used the 320s for a couple months then went back to round balls. Since most rendezvous competitors use the same guns with which they hunt, the larger caliber guns are more common. For round ball, use a starter closest in size as possible to the ball. At the Lunenburg gun show I picked up an old Traditions 50 cal Shenandoah flintlock for pretty much dirt cheap money. Rifle Cartridges. 54 cal .

Enter the values and press 'Fire' When these loads are offset from either the bearing axis (distance St) or radial plane (distance Sr), a resulting moment load (M) will be created. TC Hawken in . How much powder should I use with roundballs, 435gr. 44" rice barrel, 100 grain fff goex, . The short starter should be suitable for the projectiles being loaded. The local Wal-Mart and the local gun shop both carry . I like the Maxis since they load easier but will use round ball if I must.

rimfire magnum is a . The Maxi Ball has a slight dent in the front. 54 caliber including the excellent Lyman Deerslayer, Traditions Woodsman, Cabela's Sporterized Hawken and several other traditional "Hawken" style rifles. 32 round ball also holds the ballistic advantage out to 50 yards. They have a 1 in 48 twist so I was hoping to be able to shoot sabots. 445 to . 458.

My old man's gun used to shoot patch and round ball great with open sights. Groups were improving as the charges increased. The slower the twist the hotter you have to load it (for roundballs) Many people have made 48 twist barrels shoot very well. White Mountain Carbine. The first round ball I ever shot from a smoothbore was actually done with a double barrel side-by-side flintlock shotgun, a twenty gauge. Broad caliber range; Consistent in all temperatures; High velocity varmint loads About us. com.

50 VORTEK Ultra Light LDR models offered by Traditions. I believe it would take a bit more effort to load a . Some gun-load options are: A. A patched round ball is best suited for these rifles. i played with . 58 does ok with patched round balls. davide I got another muzzleloader for Christmas; it's an old Hawken in .

360 Round Ball, 71 grains, . I am brand new to this forum and appreciate your assistance in advance. 45 is a little light in round ball for deer, . 32 caliber patches are available only via special order, taking about a week to arrive and costing about $4 per hundred. 54 cal rifle before. You will probably have to play around with some buffalo bullet conicals and work up a good load for them from scratch. 54 and larger calibers, 1.

It features a circular pocket separator and a 30° contact angle along with approximately 67% of a full complement of balls. 535". Most fast twist guns have shallower grooves than are usually seen with slow twist rifles primarily meant to shoot round balls. But which of these bulk budget loads are best on the range? We tested them to find out. The second best load was with Blackpowder, What a hoot to shoot!!! I did forget the Chrony. 10th Printing, June1994 I highly recommend owning your own copy of this book. 204” Diameter.

The guns are available in . Black Powder Conical Cap And Ball Double cavity, Conical Bullet Mold for black powder revolvers A super accurate bullet that is easy to load straight and true. 530" ball. I use TC's pre-lubed . 54 cal Maxi-ball to take cow elk at 60 yards - broke the spine. Bullets and Ball-ets for muzzle loading guns Track's traditional MINIE bullets, named after French Captain Minie, are Civil War era designs to meet NSSA rules. 675 .

A 188gr round ball and 80gr of ff/fff drops a deer just fine. PPS: Triple 7 and Pyrodex pellets are not designed to be used with #11 caps. The local gun shop recommended the 320 maxi ball as opposed to a 270, 350 or 370 maxi ball/ maxi hunter. Hunting load for Lyman Great Hornady Muzzleloading Bullets are ideal for hunting or target shooting with your muzzleloader. Remember your patch must be Find more Best Price and More Promotion for Round Ball Muzzleloading Bullets Hornady Online Best Reviews shellholdersshellplates This will be Round Ball Muzzleloading Bullets Hornady Sale Brand New for the favorite. This patch should be larger than the ball and should be able to wrap around it. Range 25 yards.

Normally, the max load for maxi-balls is lower than round balls. Great care is taken to ensure smoothness and shape uniformity for better accuracy over the long haul. Aluminum blocks won't rust, lead won't adhere, and they heat quickly. On my . No. As for accuracy, a man carrying a smoothbore loaded with a tightly patched round ball was virtually equal to a man with a rifle at distances of up to 50 yards. Pederosli’s Traditional Hawken Hunter Rifle is made for the hunter.

I reload for my 6. cariche polvere nera suggerite - suggested black powder loads charges a poudre noire conseillees - empfohlene schwarzpulverladung (. A typical . Not overly familiar with lever action loads so looking for some info. A lot of people here who I respect are recommending round ball for Hawkens, but this is news to me. HOW in the WORLD did some of our country's patriots, in the late 1700's and early 1800's, make reliable head and chest shots on British officers at 200 to 300 yards using patched ball rifles, thus, cutting the snake's head off, as it were?! But you go to 100 yards the 180 gr. Its determination largely depends on the needs and whims of a particular shooter.

S rifles in . Experiment. These are definitely round ball guns. A good sabot barrel is 28 to 32 twist. Round-ball Ballistic Calculator. round ball only has about 450 foot pounds left verses the 300 gr. Your Renegade will shoot plenty accurately enough with round balls out to 100 yds once you find the right load combination and is all you need for deer.

A round ball is unique among projectiles in that its ballistic characteristics are solely dependant upon its diameter (unless it's made of something other than lead). 2. 54 caliber or larger when hunting most big-game species in our State. This same load has gone through both sholders of our little whitetails. Anyone with experience using other powders with this load and can you share your experience? If I could only own one handgun it would be the 1858 Remington with the 8 inch barrel. In the 1700s, Europeans considered heavy round-ball rifles that ranged up to 12-bore to be proper tools for taking big boars, and the same holds true today. 50 cal sure does not like them though.

015" patch over 100 grains of 2f black. 69 caliber in these diameters:. Anyone with experience using other powders with this load and can you share your experience? SUGGESTED BLACK POWDER LOADS - Davide Pedersoli & C. 54 and larger. 60 caliber Baker rifle with a slower twist but never duplicated the accuracy and effectiveness of the 1803, 1814, 1817, and 1841 U. The rifle I've hunted with all fall and winter is one of the . Sportsman's Guide has your Thompson / Center .

5" at 50 yards. I know of plenty of kills with . 80-90 grains 2F is excellent for both 50 and 54 cal. From what I understand, all the old T/Cs had 1-48" twist which is too fast for a round ball unless it's loaded pretty slow, and it's too slow for most sabots or longer conicals, so what bullet DOES work in these? Bullet Molds, for Round Balls, by Lee Lee round ball molds are aluminum blocks, in permanently attached steel handles with sturdy grips. 54 caliber round ball patches, but . I shoot more traditionally and found it a ton easier and less wear on the body to shoot balls. 54 Cal, I would rather have a Slower more dedicated Round Ball Twist.

Shot loads and Snake loads can be loaded in revolvers using Wool Wads. * For me, round ball loads tend to shoot higher than point of aim in a revolver and lower than point of aim from a rifle. It's our ALWAYS use a palm saver to start your load. It will shoot either muzzle up or down, but for consistency I always tip the muzzle up first before aiming. What started as a small dream has become a multi-million dollar international business selling ammunition, reloading supplies and accessories. 490 Caliber Round Balls, 100 Count available at a great price in our Bullets collection We are now offering round ball molds for . 10 patch and .

The sizes (below) are expressed in inches in decimal form. So the information that follows constitutes my personal opinion as to what is a “Best Load”. 17 Rem Fireball. Your 1/48 barrel may like saboted slugs better than round balls or conicals. It could be loaded with shot for birding or with a round ball for deer-size game. I'm not new to black powder, been doing it for about 15yrs now, but i have a question and i hope someone can give me some ideas here. Guns using round balls need bullet mass, and the only effective way to achieve this is to increase the bore diameter.

by Ed Wosika. Keep experimenting. White SuperSlug barreled rifles have rifling 3. A look at the names of the most match-accurate black powder rifle cartridges in history will give you a hint: 45-70, 45-90, 45-110, etc Well, I've used the . From what I've read, 30-30 (I have fired this round before), 44 Magnum, 45-70, might be the way to go for me. Hornady lead round balls are smoother and rounder which assures better rotation and consistency. It may differ substantially from yours.

72 caliber, plus this website will devote a page to load data for small & medium I just picked up a lb. 490 Caliber Round Balls, 100 Count available at a great price in our Bullets collection For your round ball needs these 100% lead casted round balls come in . 50 caliber and how they shoot. 10 patch bear grease/bees wax mix 60/40 same lubed fiber wad under patched roundball, patches shredding a bit, but no longer. 54 cal come quanity Simply put, it is the modern in-line rifles (and loads) that attract new participants to muzzleloader hunting, and very few of them are making the cross over to tradtional rifles. Place a lubricated patch over the end of the barrel. Today, shooters use different approaches to loading the smoothbore with round ball.

best loads for 54 round ball

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